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  • Are your eCommerce sales struggling?
  • Is your eCommerce system outdated?
  • Is your website scaring away customers?
  • Are you lagging behind on implementing top-rated advertising tactics?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it's probably safe to say your website is behind the times!

TechXpress specializes in helping small eCommerce businesses operate more efficiently and profitably by integrating the right technology and marketing strategies. Our team of experts continually researches the latest and greatest techniques to give our clients the leading edge over their competitors. Check out some of the success stories on the right side of this page!

We’re passionate about what we do and the mantra we live by – to turn small eCommerce companies into big ones! We just can’t help ourselves as we’re having too much fun doing what we do.

This is why we’re offering a free comprehensive analysis for select websites who we feel we can make a difference for. Due to our capacity and quality approach however, we can only produce so many of these custom analyses at a time. Our hope is that by providing our handpicked sites with a comprehensive, meaningful analysis, we will establish a future business relationship. Either way, the free analysis is yours to keep with no obligation to us whatsoever.

What Does Our Analysis Cover?

The following guidelines are used during our analysis which pits your current website against today's industry standards:

  • Increasing # of Ready-to-Buy Visitors to Your Website

    Is your site doing an effective job capturing new droves of customers? What channels are you using to attract new customers and how well are they working? SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, and Shopping Comparison Sites are a few techniques we will be examining.

  • Improving Communication of Your Value to the Visitors

    The look and feel of your site is essential to a positive customer experience and ultimately getting the sale. You have only one chance (typically less than 5 seconds) to make a lasting impression. Does your site load too slowly? Is it cumbersome to navigate? Is it inviting and professional looking throughout? These are all points we carefully review.

  • Helping Your eCommerce Business Increase Conversions

    In order to maximize your conversions of browsers into buyers, your site must embody sufficient call-to-action and promotions. From professionally written content and product display to purchasing incentives, we will provide you with idea's for making your site more persuasive and conversion-centric.

    Free effectiveness reportTo get started with your free analysis, please complete the following basic questionnaire, and one of our specialists will let you know how if any we can help you. We fully respect your privacy and will never sell or distribute your information to third parties. Everything is kept in house for the purpose of our free website analysis offering.

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